The Story of the Bible

The Story of the Bible

In 31 weeks we will cover the grand narrative of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation as we read through the NIV, the Story

God Builds a Nation (Genesis 12-25)

Sermon Outline   Upper Story God wants to relate to people so he chooses a man with whom to reestablish a unique relationship Instructs him to leave everything behind (Ge 12:1)                                               Ever considered how many elderly people God invites to radical changes of life?  Noah built an ark (Ge 7:6), Moses led a nation ( Ex. 7:7), Caleb…

The Story Begins

Sermon Outline Introduction God is the creator World is good (Heb 11:3) Man is very good (Ge 1:26-28; 1:31) Humanity is chosen to relate to God Humanity rebels First rebellion (Ge 3:16) One rebellion leads to many rebellions Cain and Cain’s line (Ge 4:2-24) Noah’s sin post-flood (Ge 6:5) God’s response Judges Curse on land, serpent, etc. (Ge 3:14-19)…