Pentecost is about harvesting the Lost (Acts 2:1-41)

Pentecost is about harvesting the Lost (Acts 2:1-41)


Sermon Outline

  1. Confusion about Holy Spirit among many Christians
  2. Who is the Holy Spirit?
    1. Setting (Acts 2:1)
      1. Day of Pentecost = Feast of Weeks
        1. 1 of 3 annual feasts to be kept by all Jews (Exo 23:16, Lev 23:15-22, Dt 16:9-12)
          1. These were to be a time of rejoicing (Dt 16:11)
        2. First feast is about ridding self of sin – take out the leaven; (1Cor 5:7-8)
        3. Second feast is about gathering others into God’s kingdom – (Dt 16:12, Exo 23:16);
        4. Third feast is about Christ dwelling on earth and us dwelling with him. (John 1:14).
        5. Our focus is on the 2nd of these feasts, the gathering in of the harvest.
      2. “They were all together”
        1. This is a church wide event (Acts 1:15)
    2. The Holy Spirit is God in you!
      1. Mighty Rushing Wind (Acts 2:2, Exo 19:16, 1Ki 19:11, Ezek 1:4)
      2. Tongues as of fire (Acts 2:3, Exo 19:18, 13:21, Mal 3:2)
      3. The wind and fire is a sign of the presence of God.
  3. What does the Holy Spirit do?
    1. Notice what the Holy Spirit does, it divides and rested on each one
      1. The Power of the tongue (Prov 18:21)
      2. Pictorial symbol that the harvest will occur through spoken words (Rom 10:14)
    2. Notice what else the Holy Spirit does – it fills things/people!
      1. Filled the entire house (Acts 2:2); Filled the people of God (Acts 2:4)
      2. Filled in Scripture
        1. Used for initial endowment (Acts 9:17)
        2. Continues process of being filled (Acts 13:52)
        3. Used of endowment to speak important utterance (Acts 4:8)
  4. How does the Spirit empower us to speak boldly for Christ?
    1. Confront misunderstandings (Acts 2:12-15)
    2. Proclaim Truth (Acts 2:16ff)
      1. We are in the last days (v17)
      2. Prophecy is gift for all of us (v17-18)
    3. Salvation is available to humanity (v21) because
      1. Jesus died (v22-23)
      2. Jesus rose (v24-32)
      3. Jesus Ascended (v33-35)
      4. Jesus is Lord and Christ (v36)
    4. Our response is to repent and be baptized for forgiveness of sins (v38)
    5. Our response is to repent and be baptized to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (v38)
  5.  Conclusion
    1. The same Holy Spirit that brought 3000 new people into the kingdom did it through the work of 120 normal people just like you and me, who went out and spoke boldly.



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