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  1. Pastor Bishop Simon Ntandane

    What a joy to found you brothers . greetings to you all My pastor Dr and elders of the church of hope in Christ I m pastor Simon Ntandane from South Africa we are Christians born again saved by by the blood of Jesus Christ fill Of The holy spirit 2000 we started hope in Christ church and the hope in christ care centre where we looking after 50 orphans and vulnerable kids not knowing that you are there we are excited there is another hope in Christ church at America we said to ourselves we have found our brothers we are here to request your friendship partner ship we really need you so much many years living with Christ without any friends who can stand with us in all thank god who made possible to find you friends please request your opening hearts to except us we are your brother s in Egypt who ate suffering need to be help I did please

    • Brother Ntandane,
      I saw your post today from last week. How can we be praying for you and your ministry? Please send me some information on what you believe. Pastor Scott Roberts

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