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Darlys Recker

Team Leader, GEMS program Darlys helped us restart the GEMS program when she and Don moved to Bellingham after he retired from ministerial service in the Christian Reformed Church.  Darlys loves to craft and share the hope she has in Christ with young girls.  She is surrounded by a team of 5 women in our…

Tanya Obbink

Team Leader, Friendship I am the wife to a wonderful Husband, Dan, and the mom of 3 children. A typical day for me includes home educating our children and keeping our household running. I grew up in Canada in a family with 3 brothers, one of whom has special needs. Through out my life God has…

Don Recker

Don is a Retired Pastor in the CRCNA and has worshipped with us since his retirement a number of years ago.  Don also works with a group of men to clean the church facilities, he teaches as part of the Friendship Program and actively participates in the men’s ministries.

Joe Pruitt

Elder Term 2016-2019 Joe works with Cascade Services helping those who are disabled to improve their life and work skills.  He has served as a deacon in the past and is excited to serve as an elder this term.

Lisa DeSalvo

Term Lisa and her husband Dave work with Gideon’s at the Bellingham Camp.  They are a joy filled couple with hearts for evangelism and serving the needs of our community.