David Richards

Don Recker

Don is a Retired Pastor in the CRCNA and has worshipped with us since his retirement a number of years ago. ┬áDon also works with a group of men to clean the church facilities, he teaches as part of the Friendship Program and actively participates in the men’s ministries.

Lou Kooistra

Pastor Scott Roberts

My wife, Jennifer, and I came to Hope in Christ Church in December 2007 from five years of working with university students at two campuses in Colorado Springs, CO. We have 8 children and intentionally live a simple life that includes reading, farming, hiking and camping. We love cross-cultural┬ámissionary work and have served in numerous countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America in both urban and rural settings from 3-weeks to one year. We love Jesus, desire his kingdom…

Mark Ruiter