Clair Abee

Term 2019-2022


The children’s song asks: “Clair (insert your name here), why do you love Jesus?” The song then responds: “Because He first loved me!” Now I am living “retired” and can confirm (hindsight perspective) that gaining in one’s understanding of this truth, and allowing it to permeate all of life brings a hope and joyfulness that transcends our daily circumstances.

Born into a Christian immigrant family and having lived in multiple states and church settings, my family has had to learn to discern God’s truth for His community…we belong to a faithful savior! Scripture in Peter 3:13-15 challenges us to be ready…prepared to share the basis of our HOPE in an often broken world.  This is how my wife of 46 years (Hildred Hospers of Hull, IA) and I have lived and raised our two daughters. The girls have married Christian men and are also raising our grandchildren (4 +2) from this perspective.

Believers are called to openly share the GOOD NEWS of redemption through faith in Christ. It matters how we make that case for Christ; with gentleness and respect. As an elder in Christ’s body at HICC I’d love to hear about your anchor, foundation, basis for living. I love to share my hope through the Gospel.