03 Romans 3:21-31 Salvation by Grace through Faith

Salvation by Grace through Faith

Sermon Outline

  1. Salvation Introduction
    1. The Key Q is not “Is it possible to be saved?” (Rev 21:3)
    2. but rather, “How do I experience it?” (Eph 2:8-9, Rom 3:21-31)
  2. The Law and Prophets told us of the righteousness of God (Rom 3:21)
    1. The Righteousness that comes by the law (Phil 3:6)
    2. Real Righteousness (Mt 6:10, Dt 6:5, Rom 3:21, John 1:31, Gen 15:6, Dt 9:6)
  3. What is that plan? Faith in Jesus Christ (Jn 6:29, Heb 3:6)
    1. That plan is the same for everyone. (Rom 3:23)
      1. All means All, everyone. (Rom 3:29-30)
      2. To Lack the glory of God
      3. The relationships between Righteousness, Faith, Sin and the Glory of God.
        1. Sin and Righteousness are opposites. .
        2. Faith and Righteousness and Glory are closely related.
        3. Sin and Glory of God are opposites.
      4. The Great Reversal (Rom 3:23-25)
        1. Humanity can be made righteous.
        2. The great reversal of our fortunes and nature come by grace,
        3. There are two images Paul gives us to understand how this great reversal happens:
          1. Redemption
          2. Propitiation (Ex 25:17, Lev 16:14-15)
        4. By Faith in Jesus (HC 21)


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