13 Three Strikes and You’re Out! 1Kings 1-8

13 Three Strikes and You’re Out! 1Kings 1-8

Sermon Outline

I.  Baseball and the Strike out

II.  Solomon

A.  Rough start (1Ki 1-2)

B.  Promising beginning? God meets with him in a dream. (1Ki 3:5)

1. What would you ask for?

2, Solomon asked for wisdom to govern God’s people. ( 1Ki 3:9-13, Prov 1:2-4,7)

3. Wealth and honor are present in the Kingdom.

4. Peacemaking and diplomacy (1Ki 4:21, 24-25)

C.  Where is this kingship going?

1. Alliance with Egypt (1Ki 3:1)

2. Walked according to David but sacrificed on the high places (1 Ki 3:3, Dt. 12:13-14)

3. Accumulated chariots and horses (1Ki 10:26,28, Dt. 17:14-17, Isa 31:1)

4.  Acquired many wives (1Ki 11:1-3, Ex 34:12-16)

5.  Worshiped idols and promoted idolatry (1Ki 11:7-8)

6.  Final assessment is that Solomon wasn’t true to God (1Ki 11:4)

III.  Heavenly Kingdom

A.  So what was God trying to communicate to the world?

1. A longing for a heavenly, perfect King and kingdom

2. A picture of what it will look like when this King establishes his kingdom

B.  When the Queen of Sheba comes (1Kings 10:1, 4-9)

1. The nations stream to God’s people

2. The nations are amazed

3. Christ is the king

4. The Church pictures the Kingdom (Heb 11:10)



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