The Peace Offering and the Christian

The Peace Offering – Leviticus 3


  1. We are all searching for peace
  2. The Peace Offering
    1. When you have shalom, offer a shelem
    2. Are we at peace with God in all things?
    3. How does this offering teach us these lessons?
      1. Brought with grain offerings with yeast and without yeast (Lev 7:12-13)
      2. Ann Voskamp’s, A Holy Experience[1]
        1. “To bring the sacrifice of thanksgiving means to sacrifice your understanding of what is beneficial and thank God for everything because He is benevolent.”
        2. Does your peace allow you to be thankful in all situations?
        3. What are you thankful for? (Phil 4:6-7)
    4. How does God want to bring Peace into our life?
      1. Peace is pictured in a Meal = Fellowship
      2. God wants to eat with us: in the thick and thin times
    5. God comes right in and shares in our life: Thanks, Vow, Freewill (Lev. 7:15)
      1. Thanks (Lev 7:12, Ps 50:23)
      2. Vows are promises made before God in which we promise to do something if he does something. (Lev 7:16, Gen 28:20-22, 1Sam 1:11, Acts 18:18)
      3. Freewill (Lev 7:16) of a freewill offering…
    6. God invites us to bring the fat and breast to the Altar (Lev 7:30)
      1. We bring the best to the Lord.
      2. God wants to come in and eat and he wants us to see that there are still good things in which to offer to God even when life is hard.
    7. Peace with God is expressed in supporting the priests (Lev 7:30-32, 1Tim 5:17)
      1. What gifts are you bringing to God and his servants in ministry? (2Cor 9:7, 8:12-14)
  3. Application & NT Fulfillment
    1. Does your peace allow you to be thankful in all situations.
    2. Only through fellowshipping with the High Priest can you have peace! (Eph 2:13-18, Rev 3:20)
    3. At the wedding banquet of the Lamb we will enjoy sweet fellowship and know perfect peace!



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