What does God say about ‘Submission’?

What does God say about ‘Submission’?

Ephesians 5:21

Eph 521 SubmissionEph 521 Submission
Few words stir up such passion as the word ‘submit.’  Come explore the biblical teaching on submission by looking at the life of Christ and see what submission really means.




Sermon outline

  1. Few words stir up anger and resentment like the word ‘submit’.
  2. Submitting
    1. Greek word is ‘upotassw, occurs 31x in NT (Lk 2:51 10:17, Eph 6:1, Phil 3:20-21)
    2. Jesus is the pattern of submission in the Bible (Phil 2:1-8, Jn 10:30, 6:38, Lk 22:42)
    3. Submission involves
      1. Recognition of Authority
      2. Obedience to that authority
      3. The right to control those under one’s authority
      4. Equality of participants but a difference in roles
      5. Personal cost that must be paid
  3. Who is called to submit in the Bible?
    1. Citizens to Govt (Rom 13:1-2)
    2. Church members to her leaders (Heb 13:17, 1Cor 16:16, 1Th 5:12)
    3. Young Men to older men (1Pet 5:5)
    4. Like manner, (Eph 5:22-6:9, Col 3:18-25)
      1. Wives to Husbands
      2. Children to parents
      3. Slaves to Masters
      4. Christian to Christian (Eph 5:21)
  4. Submitting to each other in the fear of Christ (Eph 5:21)
    1. Recognize the authorities placed over you.
      1. Must I submit to everything the authority demands?
      2. Be careful of choosing to disobey (Num 12:3, 16:1ff)
    2. Make it our life goal to serve and build others (Mt 16:24, Phil 2:3-4)
    3. Copying Jesus is revering him.
    4. Mutual submission cannot ever be used to override other explicit Biblical teaching
    5. The refusal to submit is the temptation of Satan to rebellion
    6. How can we practically submit to others?
      1. Defer to other’s time constraints
      2. Defer to other’s tastes –
      3. Ask the question what will make their life better, show them how valuable they are?
  5. So next time somebody says submission is a dirty word, remind them that Jesus is our model.


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