How to Pray Scripture for yourself and others

How to Pray Scripture for yourself and others

Sermon Outline

I.              “Christians want to pray, but they don’t know how!”

a.    Aside from Laundry List prayer

b.    1The 5:16-17 contains 3 plural commands and a reason:

II.             A Method for Praying (Like but different from Lk 11:2-4)

III.           Example #1: Philippians 1:3-11

a.    Verses 3-5: Thanks & Joy

b.    Verse 6: Sanctification

c.    Verse 8: Godly affection

d.    Verse 9-11

                                               i.     Growing Love

                                             ii.     Knowledge and discernment of life

                                            iii.     Purity and blamelessness, Righteousness

                                            iv.     God glorifying

IV.           Example #2: Isaiah 1:2-4

a.    So how do pray a passage about Israel’s rebellion in the present?

                                               i.     Tact 1: Save it and pray it only for people truly in rebellion to God

                                             ii.     Tact 2: Pray a passage like this pre-emptively even for the currently faithful.

                                            iii.     Tact 3: Look for a parallel in my life or another’s life.

V.            Congregational example

VI.           Conclusion



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