Life transforming walk with Jesus (Ezra 8:21-23, 31-32; John 15:1-8)


  1. Life Transforming means impacting, changing.
  2. Bears Fruit
    1. I am the true vine and my father is the vinedresser (Jn 15:1)
      1. Image of the vine was applied to the nation of Israel (Jer 2:21, Ps 80:9-16, Is 5:1-7, Ezek 15:1-8, 17:1-21, 19:10-14, Hos 10:1-2)
      2. Jesus is the real covenant nation/people.
    2. True branches bear fruit (Jn 15:2)
  3. Fruit is produced by abiding in Christ. (Jn 15:4)
    1. How can we abide?
      1. 1st by his sacrifice, 2nd by his Spirit, 3rd by the Word, 4th by Prayer, 5th by obedience to the word (Jn 15:9-11)
    2. What Kind of Fruit?
      1. Much Disagreement: Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23); person’s actions (Matt 7:15-23); Converts (Mt 28:19-20)
      2. Fruit is Answered prayers (Jn 15:7-8)
  4. Ezra is a model of a life transforming walk that bore fruit (Ezra 7:6,10)
    1. Devoted to Studying the Word requires Time and understanding
    2. Devoted to Observing the Word requires acting on new insight
    3. Devoted to Teaching the Word requires teaching others what we learn. (Ezra 8:21)
    4. Prayer (Ezra 8:21)
      1. We pray because the results are beyond us
      2. We prayer and fast as a sign of dependence upon God (Mt 4:4)
    5. Consistency and Risk
      1. Fruitful lives require consistency and risk. (Ezra 8:22)
      2. Confessions have practical consequences
      3. Risk requires prayer (Jn 15:8)
  5. Where are you being called to risk beyond comfort?


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