Num 11;4-29 The Holy Spirit for everyone?

Sermon Outline

I.              Complaining

a.    We all Do it

b.    The People’s Complaint (Num 11:4-6, Ex 12:38, Dt 29:11, PRov 21:26)

c.    Moses’ First Complaint (Num 11:10-15)

d.    Moses’ Second Complaint (Num 11:21-22)

e.    A Young Man’s Complaint (Num 11:27-28)

II.             God’s Response to Complaining

a.    Anger (Num 11:10)

b.    God’s First response to Moses (Num 11:16-17)

c.    God’s response to the People (Num 11:18-20)

d.    God’s Second Response to Moses (Num 11:23)

III.           Moses’s Response to the Young Man: The Spirit for All (Num 11:17, 25, 29)

a.    The Spirit empowers for leadership (Acts 2:38)

b.    The Spirit births character that moves away from complaining (Gal 5:22-23)



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