Psalm 14 Foolishness will get you nowhere

Psalm 14 Foolishness will get you nowhere

Sermon Outline

I.              God’s important message (Ps 14, 53)

a.    One of the great themes of the Bible is wisdom. (Mt 7:26ff, Gal 3:1-4, Mt 5:11, 23:17, Lk 11:40)

b.    Identical Psalms

c.    Ps 1, Ex 20:1-19, Mt 22:37-41

II.             Who is the Fool?

a.    One who Lives as though God is dead (Mt 12:34)

b.    Pursues corruption and Abominable deeds (Ps 14:1, Dt 18:9)

                                               i.     What were these horrid practices? (1Kin 14:23-24, Mic 3:9, Ps 5:6, 119:163)

c.    Forgets that God is watching (Ps 14:4)

d.    No concern for God’s people or the poor (Ps 14:4, 6, Mic 3:5)

e.    Sons of Adam (Num 23:19, Ps 12:8, 14:2, 37:4)

f.     We are all fools (Rom 3:10-12, Ps 14:1, 3, Mt 7:13-14)

III.           Who are the wise?

a.    Seek God (Ps 14:2, Prov 9:10)

b.    Do good (Ps 34:14, HC 91)

c.    Call upon God (Ps 14:4)

d.    Righteous

e.    Christ is the only all wise one (Ps 14:7, Eph 2:8)

IV.           Fate of two ways (Institutes 1.1.1, Lk 15, Jer 2:13)

a.    Security and Salvation

b.    Terror



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