Reclaiming Hearts (1Kings 18:17-40)

Reclaiming Hearts (1Kings 18:17-40)

Sermon Outline

  1. Reclaiming Someone’s Heart is a Difficult Thing
  2. The Accusations
    1. Ahab’s Accusation against Elijah: (1Kin 18:1, 17)
      1. “The most wonderful compliment”
      2. Why would Ahab begin his interaction with the man he has searched for 3 years to find this way? (Lk 6:45, 1Ki 18:5, Jer 17:9)
    2. Elijah’s Indictment of Ahab: (1King 18:18)
    3. Elijah’s challenge to the People: (1King 18:21)
      1. No straddling the Fence
      2. Stop thinking like a pagan.
  3. The Challenge
    1. False words of Elijah? (1Kings 18:22)
    2. Fire from heaven! (Lev 9:24, Judg 6:21, 1Chr 21:26, 2Chr 7:1).
    3. An invitation of grace. (1Kings 18:30, Ex 20:24-26).
    4. Participate in worship (1Kings 18:33-34)
      1. The Water is an Oblation: (1Kings 18:29, Num 15:5-10, 2Sam 23:16).
      2. But where does the water come from?
    5. Reclaiming the Heart through unmistakable answers to prayer
  4. The Grace of Reclaiming the Lost
    1. Our God hasn’t changed.
    2. He still wants to reclaim the hearts of his lost children.
    3. He still uses people to reach the errant heart
    4. He still provides the fire from heaven to make the sacrifice acceptable
    5. He still allows a substitute sacrifice for our sin. Christ is the sacrifice


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