Remember Jesus Christ (2Tim 2:8-13)

Sermon Outline


  1. Nostalgia isn’t helpful
  2. The Gospel is our strength in Times of Need
    1. Biblical Remembering isn’t nostalgia (2Tim 2:8)
    2. Biblical Remembering is Centered on Jesus the Christ
      1. First, we must recognize that Jesus is the Christ (2Tim 2:8)
      2. Second, we must remember the death of Jesus (Is 53, 1Pet 1:19, 2Cor 5:21)
      3. Third, we must remember the resurrection. (Heb 7:16)
      4. Fourth, we must remember the birth and lineage of Jesus (Mt 1:20, Zech 12:10)
    3. Why Does Paul tell Timothy to Remember these things? Because…
  3. Suffering is part of Life and esp. part of Christian Life
    1. Everyone suffers
    2. Christians Suffer too (2Cor 2:8-9, 2:3, Mk 10:30, Is 53:3)
    3. Only possible to endure if Jesus is alive and with us!
      1. B/c Christ is alive and with us that we can suffer, endure and persevere. (2Tim 2:11-13)
      2. Paul suffers BUT
      3. B/c Christ is alive and powerfully at work that “the Word of God is not bound!” (2Tim 2:9)
  4. Call to Surrender
    1. What does this look like, you might ask?
      1. Repentance (2Tim 2:11)
      2. Discipleship (2Tim 2:12a)
      3. Warning (2Tim 2:12b)
      4. Grace (2Tim 2:13)


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