Sent Again, Repentance and A Saved City


Sermon Outline


Jonah 3;1-10 Sent Again, a City Saved.


  1. Repentance requires a Preacher (Jonah 3:1-2)
    1. God has always worked through preachers. (Rom 10:14)
    2. What kind of preacher was Jonah?
      1. Sinner
      2. A Saved Sinner
      3. God grants a sinner the opportunity to be trusted and used again in service to the Lord.
      4. Arise – term given to prophets to tell them it is time to start the work. (1Kin 21:18, Jer 1:17, Ezek 3:22, Mic 2:10, 1Sam 23:4)
    3. Who are the preachers today? (2Tim 4:2, Mt 28:19-20, 1Pt 3:15, Acts 8:4)
  2. Repentance requires a Message
    1. What is the Message? (Jonah 3:2c)
    2. Judgment upon sinners (Jonah 3:4)
    3. How is Jonah a picture of the message? (Luke 11:30, 32)
    4. Is that message still needed today?
  3. Repentance requires a Sinner (Jonah 3:5, 8)
  4. Repentance requires a change of heart and life in the Sinner (Jonah 3:8b, 10)
    1. True repentance is about a change of life, a radical change of life. (WSC 87)
    2. True repentance that knows the true forgiveness of God always leads to a willing obedience to the Lord!
  5. One of the great difficulties of repentance is passing it on to the next generation
    1. Point out your kids/grandkids sin. Call it sin, help them understand the dire judgment of God upon it.
    2. Point out your own sin and model real repentance with a changed life.
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