Sola Gratia (Romans 11:1-6)

Sermon Outline

Sola Gratia – Romans 11:1-6


  1. A Thief and a Righteous Man[1]
  2. Salvation is entirely by Grace
    1. Physically, which of us can ascend to God?
    2. Mentally, which of us could stand up before God?
    3. Spiritually, who could atone for their sin?
    4. 8:29-30
  3. Context of Romans 9-11
    1. Extended discussion about Grace and election.
    2. Election is “not based on man’s desire or effort but on God’s mercy” (Rom 9:16)
  4. Did God Reject Israel? (Rom 11:1, Dt 32:18-19, Judg 6:13, 1Sam 16:7, Ps 77:7, 88:14, jer 6:30, 7:29)
  5. The Answer to that question hinges on a few points
    1. First, who are “His people”
      1. One’s God has redeemed and given the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of sins (Luke 1:68, Luke 1:77)
      2. ‘His people’ are not ethnic Jews but children of the promise (Romans 9:8)
    2. Second, Who is the remnant? (Rom 11:5)
    3. Third, are His people and the remnant the same? (Acts 6:7, 2:41)
  6. We are saved by Grace
    1. Our actions, our life do not bring about salvation in any form or in any help. (Rom. 9:16, 11:6)
    2. Grace is God reserving for himself a people
    3. B/c of Grace, that we are incorporated into God’s people. (1Jn 3:1)
  7. What should be our response to this great grace?
    1. Be Thankful
    2. Stand in the Fear of the Lord for his justice
    3. Pray for others
    4. Flee all pride and arrogance and self-exaltation

[1] From Stephen Cole’s “Salvation by Grace through Faith Alone” @


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