12 Hebrews 6:2 Elementary Doctrines: Instruction about washings

12 Hebrews 6:2 Elementary Doctrines: Instruction about washings

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Sermon outline


          1. Recap of our elementary doctrines series
          2. Instruction is a Way of Living (Mt 7:28, 16:12, 23:4)


          1. Notice the plural
          2. 3 options:
            1. Teaching/instruction about washings.
            2. Instruction on how to Baptize
            3. Baptismal teachings
          3. Instruction about washings
            1. What kind of washings would Jewish converts to Christ have known from their days in the synagogues?
              1. NT examples (Mk 7:4, Heb 9:9-10)
              2. OT examples (Ex 12:22, Lev 4;6, 9:9, 14:6, 14:16, 14:51, Num 19:18)
            2. Outward signs don’t change the inward person. (Jer 2:22, HC 72)

Baptismal teachings

          1. Early Church Teaching on How to Baptize
          2. There are 6 Types of Baptisms mentioned in the NT
            1. What is Baptism on behalf of the Dead? (1Cor 15:29)
            2. Baptism into Moses: Initiation into a way of life. (1Cor 10:2)
            3. Baptism of John: Repentance. (Mk 1:4, Acts 10:47, 18:25, Jn 1:26)
            4. Baptism of the Holy Spirit: God’s empowerment for ministry. (Acts 2:16-18, 38-39, 1Cor 12:13)
            5. Baptism with fire: God is purifying his people. (Matt 3:11, Ps 11:6, isa 6:7)
            6. Baptism of blood/death: Martyrdom is not to be feared. (Lk 12:50)

How would these teachings help a new believer establish a strong foundation?

          1. Ritual observances are not effective at changing our hearts. (Jer 2:22, HC 72)
          2. Encourage the faithful that their salvation is secure because the Spirit is at work in them even from before the time they came to faith.
          3. God is not leaving us on our own to do it.
          4. Martyrdom is not to be feared.


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