Internship Job Description

Internship Job Description

6-week Pastoral Intern Job Description for Moody Bible Institute Pastoral Studies Student

Reason for position: Since we as a church are desiring to grow in our evangelism and outreach skills as a church and since MBI builds evangelism skills into their students from their first day on campus, it seems that inviting a student intern to work with us over the summer would be a service to both us and the student.  Many students are unable to secure paid internships at MBI and so a small stipend would be a benefit to the student as well as helping us.

Hope in Christ is a Covenantal and Confessional Reformed Congregation.  Please take that into account when applying.

Preaching (40 Hours):

2 Sermons delivered to Congregation with feedback from Pastor and Elders

Pastoral Visitation (24 Hours):

Accompany pastor on 2 visits per week for 4 weeks and visit alone one elderly or shut-in each week

Evangelism Training (16 Hours):

Prepare training event for our congregational members interested in growing in evangelism skills (8 hours prep) that includes

a small amount of teaching over one evening (2-3 hours) and

two 1-hour practice events in the community with 1-hour of debriefing after each time. (5 hours)

Personal Evangelism (36 Hours):

Spend minimum of 6 hours each week for 5 weeks (30 hours) in evangelism outreach in the city of Bellingham with the hope of starting a Q place discussion group by week 4 (6 hours) or something similar that can be continued by HiCC once intern returns to MBI.

Meetings (19 hours):

Attend 2 Council, 1 Elders, 1 Deacon meetings (8 hours).

Visit Jesus Gathering and The Table at least 1 times (5 hours).

Weekly meeting with pastor for 6 weeks (6 hours).

Prayer, Devotional Life, Continued Education (100 Hours):

Spend 1/2 hour per day in prayer and scripture study and discuss what you are learning with pastor (21 hours).

Read through Heidelberg Catechism and Belgic confession and write a 5-page paper on the strengths and weaknesses of using these two confessional documents as part of discipling a new believer (30 hours).

Read The Christ of the Covenants by Robertson and write a 3-page reflection paper (20 hours).

Read The Secret Battle of Ideas about God by Myers and write a 3-page reflection paper (20 hours).

Weekly meeting with pastor for 6 weeks (9 hours).

Reflection on the Internship (14 hours):

Prepare a weekly schedule during week 1 of how/when you plan on accomplishing each task (4 hours).  At week 3 evaluate progress and make adjustments as needed (4 hours).

Write a final 5-page paper due in the middle of week 5 reflecting on what went well during your internship, what you would have changed, things your learned and ways that God stretched you in the ministry (6 hours)


Total hours 249 hours over 6 weeks = 41.5 hours/week


Stipend: $1700 paid to Intern ($500 at beginning of internship and $1200 at the completion of internship). Lodging will be provided by church in a family home. Church will contribute $300 to host family for offsetting meals/utilities.


Start dates: June 1-July 15, 2019 (some flexibility)


Application Deadline: February 1, 2019

Interviews will be conducted online by the end of February and offers made in mid-March.


How to apply: Send Letter explaining why you are interested in this internship, how your reformed faith would be served by this internship, or why you desire to intern with a confessionally reformed church, along with contact information to

Rev. J. Scott Roberts

Hope in Christ Church

712 E. Sunset Drive

Bellingham, WA 98226

For any questions: please Call Rev. Roberts at 360-733-6177.

Internship is based upon pastoral studies program requirements, if an evangelism major needs this modified, please let Rev. Roberts know what areas need to be changed to fit your program requirements.