01 Money in the Bible – Various

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Sermon Outline


  1. Steve and the Wine Trader Illustration
  2. What is Money?
  3. Money’s first Appearance in the Bible
    1. We encounter money very early in the Bible. (Gen 2:11-12)
    2. Leads to 2 things:
      1. Money is not intrinsically evil
        1. The love of money is (1Tim 6:10)
        2. There are no bad things attributed to Money and precious things.
      2. Monetary items (like Gold, onyx, gemstones, perfumes, etc.) can be beautiful and can adorn people and things (Ex 35-39).
    3. The creation of money is a symbol of purification (Ps 66:10)
  4. Money after the Fall into Sin
    1. Now all of this may be true of money and wealth, but after Genesis 3 and the fall, money takes on a more mixed reality.
      1. Money is corrupted and changed
      2. But it isn’t totally darkened
      3. Money, Wealth and Possessions are ascribed to many people in the Bible, some in great detail (Gen 12:16, 13:2, 26:13-14, 36:6-7, 1Sam 9:1, 2Sam 19:32, 2Ki 4:8)
    2. We find examples of People
      1. Giving God part of their money in offering or in vow (Gen 28:20-22)
      2. Giving God part of their money, wealth to construct the tabernacle and temple (Ex 35:5-9)
      3. Giving God part of their wealth to maintain the temple and priestly worship (Mk 12:41)
      4. Giving gifts of wealth to others (Gen 25:6, Gen 32:13-21, Lk 12:33)
      5. Wealth can be lent to help those in need (Ps 15:3-5)
        1. Those who are part of the covenant family are to be given interest free loans (Ex 22:25, Lev 25:35-37)
        2. But those outside the covenant family may be charged interest (Dr 23:19-20)
      6. What this tells us is that money, wealth is a tool that can be used for good and benefit in both gospel ministry and in handling social needs like poverty.
    3. Good that we remember this because you can’t take money with you across the great divide
      1. It won’t last (James 5:3)
      2. It is perishable (1Pt 1:18)
      3. Can be destroyed in a moment (Rev 18:17, 19)
  5. Positively, What should we do with this social technology we call Money? (Lk 16:1-9)
    1. 2 Closing Illustrations
      1. Sun Const and Christmas Dinner
      2. Don and IVCF Banquet Dinner




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