Online Donation

Online Donation

If you want to give to Hope in Christ Church we have a number of ways to make that possible:

1. Give online through

2. Text to Give – 
Simply text the word Give with the amount (e.g. Give 100) to (503) 389 3499.  

This is a unique phone number tied to our Faithlife account.  This will be run through the same Faithlife platform above with the same fees noted above. If you use this, please let Pastor Scott or Jennifer Boer know so that we can watch for the first transaction you make just to ensure everything is working as it should.

3. Mail a traditional check from your home to the church office.  
Hope in Christ Church
712 E. Sunset Drive, Bellingham, WA 98225


We are in the process of determining how often these checks will be counted and deposited in order to limit the amount of exposure that our deacons have to others.  We may limit counts and deposits to every 2 weeks, 3 weeks or once per month.  So be aware if you check doesn’t clear quickly, it is likely because we are trying to abide by the government request to shelter in place.


4. Drop a check off at the office.


5. Have your bank send a check.  
Most banks have online access and in that access you can generally have a the bank pay a bill for you.  Let your bank do the check printing and mailing.


6. If there is interest, we could setup a Venmo,  PayPal, Zelle,  or other cash sharing app.  For those who bank with WECU, popmoney is built into the online system.  Let us know if this is desired and we will choose one app and set it up.