02 Psalm 32 The Blessing of being Forgiven

02 Psalm 32 The Blessing of being Forgiven

Sermon Outline

  1. Introduction (Ps 32 title)
    1. Martin Luther “Psalmi Paulini”.
    2. Augustine’s favorite psalm
    3. Day of Atonement Liturgy
    4. A Maskil?
  2. The Suffering of Unconfessed Sin (Ps 32:3-4, James 5:15-16)
    1. We don’t know what sin David was trying to keep hidden
    2. One thing is for sure: Every sinner tries to ignore their sin
    3. Hidden sin eats at the soul & affects the physical body!
  3. What is a true confession? (Ps 32:5)
    1. Acknowledged: means to announce, to know, be intimate with, to admit
    2. Did not cover: conceal, hide
    3. “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord”
  4. The wonder and blessing of Forgiveness (Ps 32:1-2, 5d, 1Jn 1:9-10, Ex 34:6-7)
    1. When we confess, God forgives. What does that mean?
    2. Forgive: Lit. means to carry away.
    3. Covered: Lit. to make obscured so no longer visible (Gen 7:19, Ex 24:6, Judg 4:18)
    4. Not Counted: Lit. not added to
  5. Calling all godly to pray (Ps 32:6-7)
    1. First, he urges the godly to Pray and pray now.
    2. Second, he notes that there is a time when it is too late.
    3. Third, he declares that God is the one who can protect us from judgment
    4. Finally, Selah – “pause and calmly think about that”.
  6. God’s Promise to Instruct the godly (Ps 32:8)
  7. Words of Wisdom – a warning (Ps 32:9-10)
  8. Conclusion (Ps 32:11)
    1. The OT was full of calls to faith and trust,
    2. The NT call to faith (Acts 3:18-20)


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