Psalm 126 The Reason for Joy

Psalm 126 The Reason for Joy

Sermon Outline

  1. The Struggle for Joy
  2. What is a Song of Ascent?
    1. A song sung by the pilgrim’s as they come to Jerusalem for the three annual feast and worship described in Lev 23.
  3. Historical background for Psalm 126
    1. The psalms are full of references to joy (Ps 16:8-9, 19:8, 21:1, 31:7, 53:6, 67:4)
    2. Ezra-Nehemiah story
      1. History
      2. Verses 1-3 are the edict to return home and setup shop
      3. Verses 4-6 are the prayers during temple/wall struggles
  4. Reason for Joy: God is bringing us home (Ps 126:1, Dt 30:3-4)
    1. Their Response
      1. Dreamers (Ps 126:1b)
      2. Joy filled (Ps 126:2a)
      3. Loud (Ps 126:2b)
      4. Recognition of God’s action among us (Ps 126:3)
    2. World’s recognizes God’s wonderful work for his people (Ps 126:2c)
    3. A Prayer Request (Ps 126:4)
    4. Hopeful declaration (Ps 126:5-6)
  5. What are the restored Fortunes?
    1. OT view
      1. Deuteronomy
        1. Gathering the exiles and returning to Judea (Dt 30:3-4)
        2. Has to do with being fruitful and prosperous in land, work and family life (Dt 30:9)
        3. Restored fortune related to having a circumcised heart and loving God (Dt 30:6)
      2. Major prophets relate it to Covenant Restoration and forgiveness (Jer 30:16, 33:7-8)
      3. Minor Prophets correlate this to new Covenant (Joel 2:18-3:1, Hosea 6:1-2, 11)
    2. Exactly how NT presents the Incarnation of Christ. (Lk 1:49)
  6. Why should Christians be joy filled?
    1. The Lord has done Great Things and restored us to our rightful place as children of God, holy, forgiven, and Spirit filled!


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