08 Gospel Discipleship (Philippians 2:19-30)



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Sermon Outline


  • My story
  • Discipleship Isn’t
    1. Isn’t just confronting someone with their sin.
    2. Isn’t just learning the right doctrines, answers, bible verses. (James 2:19)
    3. Isn’t just getting the right behavior.
  • Gospel Discipleship is…
    1. So much more.
    2. Timothy is an Equal (Phil 2:20a)
    3. Timothy cared for others (Phil 2:20b-21)
      1. One of the greatest questions we can ask is we want to be in a discipling relationship with kids, grandkids, friends, workers, anyone we meet – is to simply ask and reflect upon this: What is Christ doing here? What does he want for them?
    4. Timothy worked in Gospel ministry (Phil 2:22-23, Lk 6:40
      1. Paul apprenticed Timothy in ministry by taking him to do ministry.
      2. True discipleship should engage people in service and ministry.
    5. Epaphroditus’ risk for Christ (Phil 2:27, 30)
      1. A Christian who never learns to risk for the gospel and for Jesus will never enjoy the great joy of seeing Christ do immeasurably more than they can ask or imagine.
      2. A Christian who can’t risk will always for so careful that they will never be able to step out in faith and see the Lord transform their city.
      3. Without risk, you can never see another grow into a disciple b/c you will be too afraid to let them try and fail, so you will do it yourself.
  •  Conclusion
    1. Gospel discipleship is data transfer but also heart cultivation
    2. Gospel discipleship is behavior change but more than that; is it seeking the ways of Christ for others
    3. Gospel discipleship is sin confrontation but even more; it is raising up an equal who can minister and serve just like you can in the world.
    4. Gospel discipleship is bringing people to the point where they will risk their own life for their Lord and his work in the world.
    5. And such disciples should be honored and we should all learn to walk like them.


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