17 Spiritual Gifts: Building the Body of Christ (Exodus 35:30-36:1)

Sermon Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Building the Tabernacle (Exodus 35:30-36:1)
    1. Context of passage
    2. Parallel passage (Exodus 31:2-11)
      1. There is a keen connection between the sabbath and worship in the tabernacle.
      2. Amount of time dedicated to Tabernacle cp. to Creation
    3. Building begins with being called (Ex 35:30)
      1. By name (Ex 36:1)
      2. Meanings of names
    4. Building requires empowerment (Ex 35:31)
      1. Filled with the Spirit of God (Judg 17:5, Lev 16:32, 21:10, Acts 2:38-39)
      2. Effects of Filling
    5. Building is an artistic endeavor (Ex 35:32-33, 35, 1Cor 13:1-3)
    6. Building requires teaching others how to build (Ex 35:34)
    7. Building takes everyone the Lord calls (Ex 36:1)
  3. Building up the Church
      1. The church is now the place where God dwells (1Cor 6:19)
      2. We are each an artistic expression of God’s Spirit (Eph 2:10)
      3. We must all work together (Rom 12:4-8)
        1. Learn from each other
        2. Accept the unique contributions everyone brings
        3. Submit to the Leaders God establishes so his house is built well
      4. So what part has God called you to play? And what parts is he calling you to learn?


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