19 The Grace of Giving (2Cor 8:1-15)


Sermon Outline

  1. Cameron Townsend’s Marriage Example
  2. The Grace of Giving
    1. Grace and Generosity are inextricably tied together (2Cor 8:1-4, 9)
    2. Giving isn’t related to material means but to theological heart (2Cor 8:3-5, 9)
      1. Giving isn’t just a matter of handing over stuff/$.
      2. It’s about the gospel (2Cor 8:9, Phil 2:6-8)
      3. What matters in the grace of giving is the heart of the giver (Rom 5:3-5).
    3. Paul draws attention to the giving patterns of some to encourage others (2Cor 8:1-4, 6-8, 10-11, Mt 6:2-3)
    4. Action matters not just intent (2Cor 8:10-11)
    5. Equity (2Cor 8:13-15, 9:6, Lk 16:9)
  3. What might this look like today?
    1. Start by actually studying the Biblical teaching on money
    2. Set a percentage monthly income and give it intentionally. Up it ½% a year…
    3. Get out of debt.
    4. Learn about needs of brothers and sisters globally. And then give to support them.
    5. Stop buying stuff!
  4. God loves a cheerful giver (2Cor 9:7)


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