3 Bold Authority Matthew 8:5-13

Sermon Outline


Bold Requests

The Centurion’s Prayer

    1. Request
      1. Capernaum, Jesus’ hometown (Mt 4:23, 4:13, 8:14. Lk 7:2-5, Mt 11:23-24)
      2. Centurion
      3. Statement of Fact (Mt 8:6)
        1. My servant – (Mt 2:16, 17:14-21, Lk 7:7)
        2. Suffering terribly – (Mt 14:24, Rev 12:2)
    2. Is Jesus’ response a statement or a question? (Mt 8:7, 15:24-28)
    3. The Centurion’s reply
      1. Not worthy – (Mt 8:8)
      2. Declaration of Faith (Mt 8:8)
      3. Authority is the reason for his faith (Mt 8:9)

The relationship between Authority and Faith (Matt. 8:13)

    1. Faith is the belief that Jesus has the authority to heal, forgive sin, triumph over devil and spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places!
    2. So let me ask you Christian –
      1. Do you understand the authority of Jesus?
      2. Do you understand the boldness with which you can come before the father and make your requests – in accord with his will?
      3. Do you believe that Jesus has authority and that he has delegated that authority to you to implement his kingdom in this world via your prayers and powerful declarations?
      4. Do you believe that you are under some things, over others and have a legitimate right to ask for and expect the absurd?

Authority is the Key to understanding the Kingdom

    1. God wants his Kingdom here (Mt 6:9-11)
    2. Kingdom’s work on Authority
    3. All authority is given to Jesus (Eph 1:18-23)
    4. Jesus invests us with Authority to bring the kingdom – (Eph 2:4-6, Lk 10:19)

Authority is the Key to understanding the Kingdom answered Prayer

    1. We read this and think it is a story, but it is also a teaching on prayer.


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