4 Consecrate yourself – It is the key to prayer 1Peter 1:13-25

This is the complete service which a few of our youth and young adults helped to prepare this afternoon.  The sermon begins around the 24:30 minute mark.

Video & audio recording of service

If you are having trouble getting it to play on the website you may also access the full video recording here.

Slides & audio recording of service

Sermon Outline


The Consecrated Life

    1. What being consecrated means
    2. What an unconsecrated life might look like.

1 Peter 1

    1. Greeting (1Pt 1:2)
      1. Election –
      2. Sanctification –
      3. Obedience –
      4. Sprinkling with his blood –
    2. A description of the consecrated life!
    3. This kind of life will affect everything!
    4. Consecration begins in our minds (1Pet 1:13, Lk 11:35, Eph 6:14)
      1. And being sober-minded
        1. This kind of mind/thought life requires discipline
        2. Why are you praying this or that?
        3. What really is motivating that prayer?
        4. Is it selfishness, desire for ease, unwillingness to confront a sin?
        5. Is it a secret belief that health and wealth is due the followers of God?
        6. Our prayers would change, wouldn’t they?
      2. Set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ – 3 Options
    5. Consecration takes intentionality (1Pt 1:14)
    6. Consecration changes what we do (1Pt 1:14-16, Heb 12:1, Rom 12:1)
      1. Be intentional about not letting the passions, lusts, desires of the unredeemed life shape and form you.
      2. Realize that often the problem is one of belief first and foremost and not of acting out
    7. Consecration is about Christ’s work in us (1Pt 1:18-19)
      1. Let your prayer life reflect this –
        1. Praise God for Christ often.
        2. Pray for his blood to be applied to those broken places in your life and in others.
        3. Pray for him to point out the futile ways in which you still walk
    8. Conclusion


  1. Thank you, musicians, singers, speakers, tech help and pastor, for sending out the worship service to us! Beautiful songs, awesome sermon…your work is appreciated. Thank you for giving up part of your Saturday for the sake of your church!

  2. Thank you team for helping maintain the worship of the HiCC family, our best response amid the broken rhythms of daily life in which our community, country, and much of the world now lives.

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