30 Humility in the Christian life (Luke 14:7-11, 18:9-14)


Sermon Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Examples & Review
    2. Roadmap for Today
      1. Humility through 2 parables (Lk 14:7-11, 18:9-14)
      2. Both end with nearly identical statements (Lk 14:11, 18:14)
        1. In our first story humility is closely related to honor and shame, or said another way – our relationship to others.
        2. In the second, humility is related to our relationship with God
  2. Humility is not
    1. Comparing myself with others (Lk 14:7)
    2. Assuming I am worthier than others (Lk 14:8, 18:11-12)
    3. Not bashfulness, resignation, mousiness… (Num 12:3)
    4. About being a doormat, blending in unnoticed, rather Humility makes no assumptions, seeks no recognition, rather it is servant-hearted, other-focused living.
  3. Humility is
    1. Attitude of the heart that can joyfully and without angst take the lowest place (Lk 14:10)
    2. Seeking to see others honored above yourself (Lk 14:8-11, 1Cor 10:24)
    3. Concerned with the state of others in distress (Lk 18:9-14)
    4. Related to our relationship with God and our righteousness (Lk 18:13-14, Prov 22:4)
  4.  Conclusion
    1. The solution isn’t trying harder, giving up more, debasing yourself a little lower
    2. No on the contrary, adopt the posture of the tax collector
      1. Repent and pray
      2. Repenting
      3. Praying for a fuller vision of the humility of Christ (Phil 2:6-8)


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