03 Heb 2:1-4 The Danger of Spiritual Apathy

03 Heb 2:1-4 The Danger of Spiritual Apathy

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Sermon outline


The dangers of not paying attention

        1. Driving
        2. The danger of going into autopilot
        3. Thermodynamics

Attention vs. drifting (Heb 2:1)

        1. Christ’s preeminent position is our motivation
        2. we must pay much closer attention
          1. Autopilot happens when
            1. We get up and do our Christian routine without really communing with Jesus
            2. We read the word but don’t apply it to our lives.
            3. We go to church on Sunday, talk to the same people wealways talk to, sit in the same place, and fail to engage with the new person God has brought across our path.
          2. The word as “much closer attention” is also translated as
            1. “Devote yourselves” to something in 1Tim 4:13,
            2. and as “being addicted” to something in 1Tim 3:8.
            3. Attention, Devotion, and Addiction
          3. Be closely attentive to the message and messenger of life!

Here is why this matters – Lest we drift away from it.

        1. Drifting
          1. Mission drift
          2. Christians can be sidetracked, and lose their focus, and mission.
        2. Punishment (Heb 2:2-3a)
          1. Appeal and corollary to OT Revelation
          2. Even Christians can’t escape ignoring/disobeying God (Ps 139:8)

In Christ we have a great salvation.

        1. Jesus is our horn of salvation (Lk 1:69)
        2. He is our salvation from our enemies (Lk 1:71)
        3. He is the way of salvation (Act 4:12)

Conclusion and Application

        1. So where is the message of Jesus Christ being ignored in your life?
        2. Where are you failing to put into practice his words?
        3. Don’t fall prey to a generic form of Christianity, an apathetic form.
        4. Jesus supplies us gifts so we can walk closely to him.


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