7 Mark 8 How does the Kingdom of God Grow?

Sermon Outline

Have you ever forgotten something? (Mk 8:14-15, 7:36, 5:43)


    1. What is it?
    2. How does it work?
    3. What does it accomplish?
      1. What is important for us to keep in mind is that ancient leaven involved something that seemed small, trivial, even minute/unseeable, but it resulted in the entire batch of dough being transformed…
    4. Why does Jesus Say this? (Mk 8 Outline)

The Leaven of the Pharisees?

    1. How do the Pharisees seek to grow their kingdoms?
    2. What is the thing they introduce into life that affects the bread that is produced?
    3. Option 1: Unbelief/Skepticism (Mk 8:11-12)
      1. Does unbelief/skepticism permeate your life and ability to follow Jesus?
    4. Option 2: Legalism-Teaching (Mt 16:12, Mk 7:7-8, 11-13,
      1. Does this affect you?
      2. Are you prone to hold so tightly to a doctrinal teaching of godly, pious people that a clear teaching of Scripture is avoided?
      3. Or maybe it is the teachings of people like great politicians, educators…
      4. Little things that affect our multiplication and expansion in God’s world.
    5. Option 3: Hypocrisy (Lk 12:1)
      1. hypocrisy breeds an unfruitful life and it will grow to affect all of life.

The Leaven of Herod?

    1. Option 1: Pride-Saving Face (Mk 6:14-29)
      1. Does the struggle for other people’s approval leaven your life?
      2. Does it free you or constrain you from living for Jesus?
    2. Option 2: Unbelief (Mk 6:16)
    3. Option 3: Political Savvy
      1. Herod the Great, the father of the Herod in today’s story used the methods of this world to secure his place
      2. Politics does not bring in the Kingdom, it destroys it.
    4. Option 4: Intimidation-Force Mt 2:16-18)

What is the appropriate leaven for life? The Leaven of Christ (Mk 8:17-21)

    1. How is Christ is expanding the Kingdom of God?
      1. By Prayer! (Mk 8:6-7)
      2. By Faith! (Mk 8:23, Eph 3:20)
      3. By Action! (Phil 2:13)
    2. Conclusion


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