A Culture of Godly Leadership

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Sermon Outline

A culture of Godly leadership begins with leaders of Godly Character, Competence and Conviction

(Matthew 5;3-12, 1&2 Corinthians, Hebrews 13:7)

3 Character Qualities of Godly Leaders – Poor in Spirit, Meek, Pure in Heart

  1. Godly leaders are poor in Spirit (Mt 5:3)
    1. No room for own strength, power, wisdom (Luke 18:10-12. Isa 66:2)
    2. Application: Godly leaders are people of prayer
  2. Godly leaders are meek (Mt 5:5)
    1. Gentle leader has every right to assert himself, but chooses not to (Mt 20:25-28)
    2. Application: Godly leaders lead by example, not by dictate.
  3. Godly leaders are pure in heart (Mt 5:8, Ps 23:3-4)
    1. This is about integrity in leadership.
    2. Application: Godly leaders cultivate consistency and integrity in their life.

3 Competencies of Godly Leaders– Righteousness, Mercy and Peacemaking

  1. Godly leaders are righteous (Mt 5:6)
    1. Righteousness is a proper relationship with God and men.
    2. Righteousness doesn’t allow for excusing or ignoring sinful behavior.
    3. Application: Godly leader will correct, rebuke, teach and train in righteousness.
  2. Godly leaders are merciful (Mt 5:7)
    1. Mercy is the easing of distress or pain.
    2. Involves a self-identification with the one in need of mercy.
    3. Application: Godly leaders will not be harsh but will seek the least aggressive form of justice, which will bring about repentance and protect the church.
  3. Godly leaders are peacemakers (Mt 5:9)
    1. Seek to restore the arguing to one another.
    2. Peacemaking is hard work and dangerous work
    3. Application: Godly leaders risk themselves for peace.

2 Convictions of Godly Leaders– of Sin and Standing firm in Christ

  1. Godly leaders mourn (Mt 5:4)
    1. They mourn their own sin (Lk 18:13, Rom 7:24)
    2. They mourn the sin of others (Acts 7:60, 2Cor 12:21, Ps 119:136)
  2. Godly leaders can take abuse and stand firm (Mt 5:10-11)
    1. Leadership is often misunderstood, ridiculed, abused.
    2. The Godly leader stands firm.

Godly leaders are rewarded (Mt 5:12)

A Church also needs godly followers if a culture of Leadership is to exist (Heb 13:17)

Christ is our example!


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