Fruitful Organizational Structures in the Church (Numbers 2)

Bulletin Outline

 Fruitful Organizational Structures (Num 2:1-34, Exo 39:43, Lev 6:12, 1Chr 23:4-5, 28-31)

  1. Unfruitful Organizational Structures
    1. Moses and Jethro (Exo. 18:17-23)
    2. Lack of Deacons (Acts 6)
      1. Implication – No one man can perform all that is good.
    3. Fruitful Organizational Structures
      1. Marching and the Order of encampment after Exodus (Num 2:1-34)
        1. God is at the Center (Num 2:2)
          1. Implication: If the way we meet in committees in the body actually causes us to forget that our work is about furthering WORSHIP then our committee structure or the members of it need to be changed.
        2. There is an identifiable leader and subdivisions under each leader (Num 2:3-31)
          1. Implication: Leaders need to clearly understand the structure and expectations of what God has placed into their trust so that they can help others to accomplish the work.
          2. Implication: Leaders need to delegate task and authority to others who lead under them.
            1. Includes – Authority, Trust, Training, Coordinating
        3. Organizational structure serves to protect those who need greater protection.
          1. Implication: We must always be asking in our structures – who needs to be protected.
      2. Levites, Musicians, Wood/Water Carriers to keep Tabernacle supplied and worship happening (1Chr 23:4-5, 28-31) & The Fire Must not go out! (Lev 6:12)
        1. Implication: Everyone is needed. No task is unimportant.
      3. Nehemiah organizing the rebuilding of wall in Jerusalem (Neh 3, 4:13-23)
        1. Implication: God needs his people to be effectively and efficiently structured to bring forth the Kingdom. Effective communicators & administrators are needed.
      4. Fruitful Organizational structures involve regular evaluation and reflection and recognition. (Ex 39:43)
  2. Review of Fruitful Organizational Structures
    1. Point us to God and Further our Worship
    2. Delegate to others and keep the vision before all
    3. Protect the vulnerable and needy among us
    4. Recognize the value of all the tasks done
    5. Require leaders and followers
    6. Evaluate the Work and Reward and Encourage the Faithful
  3. Review of 10 missional markers
    1. Healthy = pursuing Christ
    2. Missional = pursuing Christ’s agenda in the world
    3. Word Centered, Heartfelt Worship, Transforming Walk with JC, Compelling Community, Sacrificial and Generous living and giving, Intentional Evangelism, Compassionate-Merciful-Justice Ministry in Community, Global perspective, Culture of Godly leadership, Fruitful organizational structures.
    4. This is the kind of church to which we are called to be.



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