A Healthy Church is Centered on God’s Word (2Tim 3:10-17)

A Healthy Church is Centered on God’s Word


  1. Great Bible Memorizers
  2. What would drive people to read the word like this?

What is Scripture

  1. It is Sacred (2Tim 3:15)
  2. It is God-breathed – (2Tim 3:16)
  3. It is Given to people (2Pt 1:20-21)

Why do we have it? (2Tim 3:15-16)

  1. Make us wise for salvation (2Tim 3:15, Ps 19:1, Rom 10:9)
  2. It is useful/beneficial. Produces/yields practical benefits (1Tim 4:8)

What Good does Scripture produce? (2Tim 3:16)

  1. Teaches us (Rom 15:4)
    1. Doctrine (Dt 6:4, Rom 3:23, 1Cor 15:3-5, 2Tim 3:15)
    2. Lifestyle (1Tim 1:10, Titus 2:1ff)
  2. Reproves us (Job 5:17, See also Prov 3:11, 6:23, 13:24, 19:27)
  3. Corrects us
  4. Trains us

Because We want to be Equipped for every good work this matters (2Tim 3:17)

Quotations of Note:

“When you hear the Holy Scripture read, remember it is God who speaks to you; humble yourselves then, and receive his words with a grateful heart.” – Thomas à Kempis[1]

John Stott – “Do we hope, either in our own lives or in our teaching ministry, to overcome error and grow in truth, to overcome evil and grow in holiness? Then it is to Scripture that we must … turn, for Scripture is ‘profitable’ for these things.”[2]

“The Bible applied to the heart by the Holy Ghost is the chief means by which men are built up and established in the faith, after their conversion. It is able to cleanse them, to sanctify them, to instruct them in righteousness, and to furnish them thoroughly for all good works.” – J. C. Ryle[3]


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