Beware how you walk (2Chronicles 21)

Sermon Outline



  1. 2 Ways of Walking (2Chr 21:12b-15, Ps 1)
  2. Jehoram walked in the ways of evil (2Chr 21:6, 12b-13)
    1. Murder of his siblings (2Chr 21:4, 1Jn 2:11, 3:15, Matt 15:19)
    2. Married an idolater (2Chr 21:6)
    3. Practiced and promoted Idolatry (2Chr 21:11)
      1. Idolatry is anything that is set up in place of God.
  3. Results of walking in ways of evil
    1. Lost his ability to rule outside the kingdom (1Chr 21:8-10, 16)
    2. Lost his family (2Chr 21:17)
    3. Lost his health (2Chr 21:18-19)
    4. Lost his life (2Chr 21:19, Rom 6:23)
    5. Lost respect (2Chr 21:19-20)
    6. Warning for us ( 10:11)
  4. Repentance could have changed everything for Jehoram
    1. Jehoram didn’t have to walk in the ways of death and neither do we.
    2. What is repentance?
    3. Repentance leads us to walk in the ways of our father David
      1. David was a man who received a covenant promise of God.
      2. David was a man who received a heart like the Lord. (Acts 13:22)
      3. David had faith in God accomplishing anything through him (Goliath).
      4. David was quick to repent and understand the true nature of his sin against God (Bathsheba, census).
      5. David wanted to see the worship of God extended and made sure that it happened under his reign.
      6. So do you want to walk in a way other than death? 2 things
        1. Walk in True worship (John 4:24)
        2. Walk in True Godliness
    4. Repentance stays the judgment of God
    5. Repentance covers over our sin
  5. Covenant Promise of God (2Chr 21:7)


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