To whom will you turn? (2Kings 1)

Sermon Outline


  1. We all face unpredictable futures and times of crisis.
  2. To who will you turn in the struggles of life?
    1. Ahaziah’s injury (2Ki 1:2)
      1. Who was Ahaziah?
      2. What happened to him?
      3. A Snapshot of his heart
    2. Ahaziah’s sin
      1. Rejected the God of Israel (2Ki 1:7-8, 1:3, 6, 16)
      2. Inquiring of a false god
        1. Ekron was a Philistine city on the southern shore of Israel and the Med. Sea.
        2. Baalzebub
          1. means “lord of flies”
          2. All false gods = Satan (Mt 12:24)
      3. When life throws a curve ball, where will we turn?
  3. Turn to the Lord (2Ki 1:13-14)
    1. Coming in humility
    2. Coming in deference
    3. Coming with a prayer for mercy
    4. Come to the one who has turned to you.



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