Breastplate of Righteousness

Breastplate of Righteousness

Ephesians 6;14b The Breastplate of Righteousness

Sermon Outline



  1. Introduction
  2. What is a breastplate for?
  3. What is righteousness?
    1. Righteousness is not the same as self-righteous (Phil 3:4-7)
    2. Righteousness is related to Faith (Rom 1:17)
      1. Appealing to Christ
      2. Christ the only Righteous one (Rom 3:10)
      3. Imputed Righteousness, i.e justification (Phil 3:8-9, 2Cor 5:21)
    3. Righteousness is also related to behavior (Eph 4:24, 1Tim 6:11, 2Tim 2:22)
      1. A righteous life is living in conformity with the law of God, love him first and loving our neighbor as ourselves.
      2. Rom 6:13, 6:16
      3. Phil 2:13
    4. Faith and love as a breastplate (1Th 5:8)
  4. Why do I need righteousness in the Spiritual Battle?
    1. Without Righteousness we are mortally vulnerable.
    2. Satan hates righteousness (Acts 13:10, Rom 13:12)
    3. Satan attacks us at our emotions, our will, our life center to discourage us and only the R of Christ imputed to us and the growth in R in our life will sustain us against the attack!



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