07 Complaining Won’t Get You Anywhere (Numbers)

Sermon Outline


Numbers, Deuteronomy


  1. The Problem with Complaining
    1. Fine line b/w asking for change of circumstance and complaining
    2. Complaining is about challenging the authority of those who are over us.
    3. Complaining has negative health effects
    4. No one likes a complainer
    5. God included
  2. The invitation to Come and Walk with God.
  3. The Israelites complaint
    1. About hardship (Num 11:1)
    2. About food (Num 11:4-6)
    3. About leadership (Num 12:1-2)
    4. God’s weakness to conquer (Num 13:31-32, 14:1-2, Eze 36:3, Prov 10:18)
    5. About thirst (Num 20:2-3)
    6. Results: Complaining gets you nowhere (Num 11:1, 33, 12:10, 14, 14:11-13, 16:1ff, 20:10-12)
      1. Ruins your experience of God’s goodness
      2. Shifts your focus from worship to the passing things of the world
      3. Leaves you depressed
      4. May cost your life
      5. And it costs you your enjoyment of the good things God wants to give you
    7. And it is to the issue of faith that I want us to turn as we conclude:
  4. Bronze Serpent as a picture of Christ
    1. The people recognize their Sin (Num 21:6-7, 1Jn 1:9)
    2. They seek a mediator (Num 21:7, 1Tim 2:5)
    3. God also makes a way for life to be restored through faith and trust (Num 21:8)
      1. Why a snake?
        1. First, the snake was a symbol of Egypt.
        2. Second, the snake was the symbol of the great archenemy of God’s people.
        3. the people are asked to affirm that in fact that that life is cursed. (Dt 21:23)
      2. The same is true in the New testament (Jn 3:14-15, 1Pt 3:18, Gal 3:13-14)



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