08 Walk by Faith (Joshua)

Sermon Outline

Joshua 1-2, 6, 8, 10-11, 23-24

I.               Walking by Faith is the Biblical Pattern

a.     Not just a NT idea (Heb 11:1-2)

b.     Teaches us 3 lessons

                                               i.     God’s ways are not our ways (Isa 55:8-9, Eph 3:20)

1.     The First test: Crossing the raging Jordan  (Josh. 3:7-8, 15-16)

2.     The second test: God’s people are going to prepare for war by getting circumcised.  (Josh 5:2, 4-5)

3.     The third test: This wasn’t to be a human battle but a divine provision. (Josh 6:2-5)

                                             ii.     Fear is to be conquered by trust in God (Josh 1:5b-9, 2Tim 1:7)

1.     If we are going to truly walk by faith, the reality is it may seem scary and fearful. 

2.     God understands the fear that we naturally have when looking at the world from our lower story perspective and he calls us to faith. 

                                            iii.     The Only way to victory is the obedient walk of faith (Josh 7:1)


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