Crazy Thoughts 1Kings 19:1-18

Crazy Thoughts 1Kings 19:1-18

1Kings 19:1-18 Crazy Thoughts


Sermon Outline


  1. Elijah’s story is one of the most amazing stories (1Ki 19:1-2, 21:23, 2Ki 9:33-35, James 5:17).
  2. Crazy Thoughts
    1. Elijah gets scared and runs (1Ki 19:3-4)
      1. First lesson: When we don’t stay focused on God we get all sorts of crazy ideas
    2. Runs from a Woman (1Ki 19:3, Jud 4:17-4:25, 9:54)
      1. Lesson 2: How many of us have allowed a present circumstance to trump the history of God’s working in our life and in our world, such that we actually fear something very minor.
    3. Believes that God’s power can’t save him
      1. Lesson 3: God is able to save and protect!
    4. Wants to die (1Ki 19:4, Job 3:1, Jer 20:14-18, 2Cor 1:8-9
      1. Lesson 4: Depression can strike the any of us but God wants us to use even this draw closer to him, not to draw into ourselves.
    5. Think that God is in one place more than another (1Ki 19:9, 13, Exo 3:1, Dt 1:6, 18:16)
      1. Lesson 5: God is not a local God. He is omnipresent. We don’t need to go to 1 particular place to meet with him or to hear from him. He is always there and he can always protect us.
      2. Lesson 6: Crazy thought always leads to paganism.
    6. Become self-focused (1Ki 19:10, 14)
      1. Lesson 7: It is easy to abandon the Lord and become fixated upon ourselves.
    7. Aren’t we just like this, getting all sorts of crazy ideas the longer we run from God’s work?
  3. Countering Craziness, God reclaims his child for service
    1. Feeds him (1Ki 19:5, 7).
    2. Speaks to him (1Ki 19:9, 13)
    3. Displays his power (1Ki 19:11-12)
    4. Instructs him in next work (1Ki 19:15-16)
    5. Reminds him to be a part of the body (1Ki 19:18)



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