Embrace your Calling and your Companions (1Kings 19:19-21)

1Kings 19:19-21 Embrace your Calling and your Companions in ministry


Sermon Outline

  1. We all need partners in the work of God
    1. Men need wives and vice versa (Gen 2:18)
    2. Elders need other elders (Acts 14:23)
    3. Servants need fellow servants…
    4. Jesus sent people out 2×2 (Luke 10:1)
    5. We all need partnership in the word of ministry!
  2. Why do we need partners?
    1. None of us is superman/woman with every gift set (1Cor 12:27-29)
    2. Elijah’s needs display a common set of needs to which all of us can relate
      1. Successor (1Ki 19:14, 16)
      2. More important: Needed someone to share the burden, keep him sane, encourage him
      3. Needed one to help heal the wounds of judgment from his ministry
  3. God’s Provision of a partner for the ministry
    1. Elisha (1Ki 19:19)
      1. A Wealthy Hard Worker (1Ki 19:19)
      2. An assistant (1Ki 19:21e, Gen 39:4, Ex 24:13, Josh 1:1)
        1. Serves
        2. A Humble Learner
        3. Competent to further the ministry.
      3. Partnership comes in some of the most unlikely relationships/people
    2. My partners
  4. Elisha’s response to partnering in the ministry
    1. The Call (1Ki 19:19c)
    2. Immediate response (1Ki 19:20)
    3. Honor his parents (1Ki 19:20, Luke 9:62)
    4. Worship & Total Commitment to the future God has
  5. What is your ministry? Who are your partners and are you totally committed to God’s future for you?



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