05 Deliverance (Exodus)

05 Deliverance (Exodus)


Sermon Outline


  1. The Human Yearning for Deliverance and Freedom
  2. Unlikely odds (Ex 1:8-9, 11)
    1. Ignorance of the Nations history (Ex 1:8)
    2. All Powerful Global Nation state
    3. A Ruler who deems himself a God (Ex 1:11, 5;1ff)
      1. Forced to participate in idolatry
      2. Pharaoh’s edict to kill the Hebrew babies (Ex 1:16, 22)
      3. Pharaoh was a man who resented God’s people, rejected God’s promises and resisted God’s plan
      4. Do you face similar situations in your life where everything seems stacked against you being able to experience all that God intends for you?
  3. Unlikely leader (Ex 2:15, 4:10, 4:13-14, Acts 7:30)
  4. God’s miraculous ways
    1. God is God (Ex 3:14-15)
    2. I am the God who remembers (Ex 2:24-25, Gen 15:13-14, Ex 12:35-36)
    3. I am the God of Miracles
    4. I am the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob
    5. I am the God who is longsuffering
    6. I am the God who leads my people (Ex 13:18-22)
    7. I am the God who protects (Ex 14:19-20, 28)
    8. I am the God who saves (Ex 14:30-31)
    9. I am the Only God
  5. The Great Story of Deliverance and Freedom (Isa 53:2-3, Jn 8:36)



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