The Fear of the Lord Ecclesiastes 12:13

Sermon Outline

Ecclesiastes 12:13 The Fear of the Lord

Eccl. 12:13 The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.


  1. Introduction (Luke 18:4b)
  2. What is the Fear of the Lord?
    1. Abject Terror (Gen 3:10, 28:17, Ex 3:6, Mt 10:28)
    2. Recognition of God’s Greatness – Power and Majesty (1Chr 16:25-27)
    3. Recognition of God’s Authority (Lev 19:32, Rev 14:7)
    4. Believing what God says will happen (Exo 9:20-21, Acts 10:42, Rom 14:10, 2Cor 5:10, Mt 10:20)
    5. About pleasing God (1Th 2:4, 4:1)
  3. How does that Kind of Fear of the Lord help us to risk for God?
    1. Create a life of willing Submission (Jn 14:15, Ex 9:30, Lk 19:21-26)
    2. Help us to see every area of life as an area of Worshipping God or worshipping idols (Rom 12:2)
    3. Makes us obedient even if when it is costly (Heb 11:35-38, Gen 22, Ex 1:17, 2Cor 4:16-17)
  4. The Challenge
    1. Is God Worth it?
    2. Is any risk too great to take for him?
    3. Any cost too much to bear?
    4. Any direction too out of bounds?
    5. Challenge: Think about a place where God is working in your life that feels risky.
      1. How could the fear of God help you to be willing to step out and take the risk to follow the Lord?
      2. What idol needs to be removed?
      3. What truth of God or promise of God do you need to claim?
      4. What do you fear that needs to be confessed?
      5. What steps will you take for God?



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