Gratitude leads to risking for God

Gratitude leads to Risking for God

Romans 11;32-33 12:1-2



Sermon Outline



Introduction – What causes people to risk greatly for God?


  1. The Problem: Disobedience, Sin (Rom 11:32a, Lk 5:6, Josh 6:1)
    1. we are all sinners, disobedient to God,
    2. Every single person, whether part of the OT Covenant people of God or not, has been consigned.
      1. The Jews, God’s chosen people are disobedient, i.e. without faith
      2. The Gentiles are disobedient and without faith.
  2. The Solution: Mercy, Salvation (Rom 11:32b)
    1. The mercy of God is the answer to the human problem.
    2. The All is the composite Jew+Gentile.
    3. With that Gospel primer, let’s look at the response that are appropriate
  3. The Response: Praise, Risk, Transformation
    1. Praise (Rom 11:33)
    2. Risk (Rom 12:1)
      1. Risk is another form of worship that springs from Gratitude.
      2. The Thank Offering and being a Living Sacrifice
      3. Only Gratitude to God could induce one to risk their life to carryout his plans.
      4. Examples of Risktakers for God:
        1. Johann Breitinger (Netherlands) risk his life in 1611
        2. Pierre Blanchet, 1542 Zurich Plague
        3. Calvin in Civil Discord and Communion
        4. New Hebrides Missionaries
        5. Martha Myers in Yemen
      5. “They freely chose to give their lives to serve the people of this country,” said Dr. Williams. “And although their lives on earth have ended, nothing was taken from them that they hadn’t already freely given.”
    3. Transformation (Rom 12:2)
      1. Our natural default is to be formed by the world, the culture around us, the things we have been taught.
      2. Change implies more risk – risk of ridicule, misunderstanding, standing out from others.
  4. John Calvin was correct when he declared, “until men really apprehend how much they owe to the mercy of God, they will never with a right feeling worship him, nor be effectually stimulated to fear and obey him“ nor risk anything for him, nor allow themselves to be transformed by him.


Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated; you can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.

—William Lloyd George



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