Idea Virus #5: is there any Hope? (Col 1:21-23, Eph 1:18-23, Mt 12:15-21)


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Sermon Outline

  1. Hopelessness seems to be pervading the USA.
  2. Idea Viruses
    1. Radical Environmentalism message of Hope: Drastically reduce human population
    2. Secularism – Man will think himself into a hopeful place
    3. Marxism – Revolution is our hope (Isa 5:20, Mt 26:52)
    4. Islam – submission to Allah through jihad if needed brings hope
    5. Postmodernism – ambivalence
  3. There is Hope for the World! The Christian Answer.
    1. Listen to what the scripture says about hope
      1. We are reconciled (Col 1:21-23)
      2. We have heavenly riches (Eph 1:18-23, Rom 10:9)
      3. There is hope for the world and that hope is in Christ. (Mt 12:15-21)
      4. Our hope isn’t just future oriented but it is a present reality (Jn 17:15)
    2. What is right and just and true will win (Jn 14:6, Rev 19:11, Heb 1:8, Rom 2:5)
    3. A Rewrite of Bette Middler’s song, From a distance


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