What Gentleness Is and is not (1Kings 12:1-14 and John 8:1-11)

Sermon outline

  1. Gentleness is not…
    1. Rehoboam’s story (1Kings 12:1-14)
      1. How would you feel hearing this kind of response from one you were asking for relief?
      2. How do you think Rehoboam felt being summoned and having the terms of his kingship dictated to him?
    2. A Harsh Answer (Prov 15:1)
    3. Gentleness is hard to define in positive terms, but it is easy to recognize its absence
      1. The harsh speech of Rehoboam.
      2. The pride that translates into a lack of concern and care for the needs of others
      3. The demanding and commanding tone that says – My way or else
    4. Translating it to our modern lives – Sharon Miller at SheWorships.com notes:
      1. Gentleness is not condescension–
      2. Gentleness is not passive aggression–
      3. Gentleness is not codependence–
      4. Gentleness is not dishonesty–
  2. Gentleness is…
    1. Jesus and Woman caught in Adultery (John 8:1-11)
      1. I wonder what Jesus wrote?
      2. I wonder how Jesus could stay so calm in the midst of the whole situation and not tear the heads off the righteous, self-righteous, accusers?
      3. I wonder how the woman felt as she heard those words of Jesus?
      4. How about when Jesus told her she was uncondemned but needed to sin no more?
    2. Gentleness is a soft, tender concern for others that allows us to penetrate the impenetrable heart.
    3. SO, If we want to develop a gentle spirit then we must put on Christ who was gentle and strong
      1. By pausing before acting, praying before speaking…
      2. By considering the feelings of others while also knowing the truth and applying it to their life
      3. By spending time with the weak, the hurting and the broken
      4. And doing all of this with a heart of love.



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