Omak mission trip – Day 4

Omak mission trip – Day 4

Well the painters finished. Fencing team 1 finished and has taken on another fencing project nearer to home but more difficult, digging out burned railroad ties for posts and replacing them.  Zeke is running a bobcat and all are enjoying the scenery. Fencing team 2 lost 2 folks yesterday and another today, thankfully some of the painters will join us today to try and finish the run to the corner. We have a big gully to fence over today. Pray the wire spools unwrap easily.

On the evening entertainment, we laughed a lot, learning about artificial Insemination of bulls, the Artificial inseminator’s handshake and other such funny things.  It was a good day.  Today is our last day. Pray for safety.

Oh, Dave truck had a maintenance issue yesterday, but the local mechanic fixed it in 45 min after asking him about the green shirts and hearing why we were here.  Yeh.



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