Loving those at the Office

Preparing our Hearts to Worship


In an effort to help you prepare for the October 2nd, 2016, Sunday morning corporate worship gathering and to aid you in your own reflections on Love and submission in the office, I wanted to pose a few questions and provide a few resources to prayerfully consider over the coming days. Our sermon is entitled, “The Ethics of the Workplace”. The main Scripture for the day is Ephesians 6:5-9. The other passages are either referenced in the message or provide additional insight for reflection.


(Pick and choose from the many resources and options, which I have tried to make available for your devotional life.)

From the Scriptures

Read and prayerfully reflect upon some or all of these Scriptures. Ask God to shape your life and your church’s life to match the heart of God:

Read or listen to Ephesians 6:5-9, Romans 14:17-18, 1Peter 1:8-9, Matthew 6:22-24, 1Cor 7:22.

(You can read or listen to all of these passages in a variety of translations at Bible.is.)


From the Creeds and Confessions


Heidelberg Catechism Q111

Westminster Larger Catechism Q142


From the songs, hymns and spiritual songs of the Church

Before You I kneel (Getty): Lyrics, Video

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah: Lyrics, Video

Work for the Master, Answer His Call: Lyrics

A Good Motto – Work, Work for Jesus, Well and Willingly: Lyrics

The Master Bids you Work for Him: Lyrics


For Thoughtful Reflection, Prayer, or further Study

When would obeying your boss be in conflict with obeying the Lord?

Have you faced any situations at work where you obeyed against your conscience? Why?

What could you have done differently?

For further study, reading Theology of Work’s article Christian Masters

For a much longer article, read Bob Deffinbaugh’s Submission and Slavery


The Sermon will be available online on October 2, 2016 at 12:30 pm.


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