Marriage, Immigration, and Persecution in China- some articles worth reading

Marriage, Immigration, and Persecution in China- some articles worth reading

It has been a few months since I put this listing of conservative articles on the site. Most of that was do to my busyness.  But I took some time today to read these recommended articles that I am passing on to you.  If you would like to see the entire list, visit the Social Conservative Review March 16 Edition. I am recommending these three articles:

A Biblical Theology of Marriage and whether Christians should marry non-Christians.

The Immigration Debates. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.  (Though these 3 articles are short, they get to the heart of some of the issues surrounding the debate and while they may not be as thorough or as nuanced as some would like, it is a good way to get an idea of the complexity of the issues.)

Persecution in China. Read pages 8 & 14 and pages 16-34 for actual cases of what China is doing to Christians within her borders. The term sinicization is used in the article. Here is a short wiki definition:”process whereby non-Han Chinese societies come under the influence of Han Chinese state and society.”

For those looking for some simple but helpful insight into marriage, I ran across this booklet by John Piper yesterday, entitled, Preparing for Marriage.  Though it is written for those who are engaged, i believe every married couple can benefit from the 46 page text.  Three is a great section on questions to talk to each other about, so if you are running short on things to ask your spouse, try pulling out a section and learning more about each other.  There is a great section on sex, another on the goal of marriage and a final section on hospitality.



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